tuxedo (p.e.i, canada)   3
great island (cape cod, massachusetts)   3
wildcat cove (s. puget sound, washington)   3

tiger shrimp, ginger-lime cocktail sauce, cilantro   12

tuna crudo, cucumber yogurt, calabrian chili,
fennel, orange, za’atar cracker   16

coppa, pork rillette croquette, broadbent country ham
+ accompaniments & bread   18

van dijk gouda, kenny’s blue, kenny’s awe-brie
+ accompaniments & bread   18

small plates
white cheddar pimento cheese, grilled country bread   6

risotto, sunchoke oil, rapini,  parmesan   13

curly endive salad, garlic and herb dressing,
breadcrumb, pancetta, asiago   11

ricotta gnocchi, frondosa farms mushrooms,
leeks, pecorino   18

smash burger, kenny’s cheddar cheese, brioche,
dijonaise, pickle, served with fries 16
add fried egg 2

milk braised lamb, white cheddar grits,
radish, celery leaf   25

yellowfin tuna, jalapeño-mint pesto,
charred pineapple salsa, macadamia nut   34

steak frites
12 oz new york strip*   39

bone-in ribeye* to share   2/oz

served with triple cooked fries, grilled lemon,
choice of RYE steak sauce, chive hollandaise, or chimichurri


roasted cauliflower, pickled golden raisin,
hazelnuts, bagna càuda, mint   9

charred beets, roasted shallot yogurt,
sunflower seeds, dill   8

triple-cooked fries with chipotle aioli   6


While we strive to keep our menu updated online,
all items are subject to change and availability.

*we have to say this: the chance of food borne illness increases
with the consumption of raw or undercooked egg, meats, & seafood.