Who are we, anyway?

At RYE, we believe food should be approachable yet challenging. Something that pushes the senses and comforts the soul. Founded on the conviction that our most valued social experiences are created around food — RYE believes food exudes an energy that is, at times, indescribable. We believe that local and regional food simply tastes better. Capitalizing on the unrivaled products of our local farms, RYE focuses on using sustainable, seasonal, unadulterated ingredients… Allowing us to provide you with a fresher, cleaner, more flavorful cuisine. Beyond what we believe — You can trust that we are focused on being the very best at what we do.



In search of his passion, Michael left his job at the Dept of Treasury to move to New York and wash dishes. From starting as an unpaid pizza delivery boy he climbed his way up to become a line cook at one of New York’s most premier gastropubs, The Breslin, Michael had gotten the crash course needed to pursue his dream of starting a restaurant in his hometown of Louisville, KY. Michael’s drive to never settle for second best – and his constant pursuit of what’s next – influences everything we do. In his off-time…just kidding. @michaelkusman


William Tyler Morris


Tyler has honed his skills in the kitchens of some of this country’s most admired chefs. From April Bloomfield’s The Breslin to Tom Colicchio’s Craft, his professional career has largely been influenced by Italian cuisine, while his roots in California and New Mexico steer him towards Spanish flavors. Tyler’s passion and talent – along with his ability to be awake for 22 hours a day – has established an uncompromising attitude towards food that always pushes the limits, and can be seen in all that we do. When Tyler is not working, he specializes in story-telling, conspiracy theory and prepping for the end. @tylermorris79



From eating fried chicken in Paris to studying economics at the University of Kentucky, Thor remains a fixture in the day-to-day operations. His combination of restaurant experience and a passion for all things efficient is what keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes. He enjoys a nice glass of rye whiskey, the blues, and timing the perfect movie quote. @thormordecai




After visiting Boston’s internationally acclaimed cocktail bar, Drink, Doug said, “That’s something I’d like to do.” Three years and countless cocktails later, he now manages the bar program at Rye. Utilizing the benefits of an amazingly talented kitchen, Doug curates cocktail lists that balance classic recipes with inventive and seasonally inspired creations. His home bar is stocked with a dizzying assortment of flavored vodkas that he mostly enjoys with Red Bull, but occasionally on the rocks if the mood is right. You can follow Doug on Instagram where he rarely ever posts anything. @dpetry


Front of House Management – Timo Geis (@timogeis), Mike Railey

Director of Kitchen Operations – Adam Mace

Chef de Cuisine – Zach Chancey

Sous Chef – Jacob Smith

Extended Kitchen Team – Porchsia Sadler, Lorelei Biggerstaff

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