Killer Tomato Dinner, Bro – Monday, August 31st

This time of year, there’s not much better than a fresh heirloom tomato from one of our local farmers. Come join us on the Rye patio on the last day of August to celebrate this beautiful summer and some of the fruits of its bounty. Our creative juices will flow, so expect a multi-course tasting menu and a cocktail.

Hosted by Team Rye and led by Executive Chef Tyler Morris.

$50 per person. Limited seating available. Call 502.749.6200 or email office@ryeonmarket.com to reserve spots.


You should know the following about us:

First, we enjoy doing things ourselves around here.

We bake our own breads, fillet our own fish, butcher and cure our own meats and press our own juices.

Second, food is our community. Our menus change daily thanks to our network of farmers, artisans, purveyors and the rye staff. We strive to include the most fresh and inspired ingredients from anywhere, every day. Trust that when you dine at RYE, our eyes and hands have met every ingredient of every bite and sip you take.

Third, everything we do is with purpose. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, we’re inviting you to experience the RYE community. We put a lot of thought into your experience so please feel free to share your thoughts and ask any questions. We love feedback—it helps us grow.




Why not invite all your friends to RYE? We have a number of options available, including a chefs table experience and a private event space. Sound good? Contact us at 502.749.6200 or email office@ryeonmarket.com.